Same Difference


Gallery Jones is pleased to present Michael Batty’s first solo exhibition with the Gallery. Titled Same Difference, the exhibition brings together several series of works that Batty has been exploring for the past four years, all with the modus operandi of pushing the possibilities of colour within seemingly strict parameters. By working with set variables such as pattern and geometric constrictions, Batty is discovering limitless possibilities within variances of colour and composition.  The accumulation of experience that has led to these paintings can be seen as an equation between equality and difference. 

The exhibition features work from the Tone Poem series, an ongoing body of paintings that have informed the more recent Ladder series. The Tone Poems read like visual haikus, equal in their spatial parameters, but different in their effect. Batty, pulling from years of studying colour theory, is using that knowledge as a basis for making what are essentially intuitive paintings, not unlike a piece of improvisational music. 

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