Photographic Works

Props, Columns, Stack

The Prop photographs mark a pivotal moment in the overall practicethe expanding of an interests in kinetic art into three dimensions. The artist states; “I became interested in finding a new location for my paintings. In the studio, I began to focus on the vantage point of the corner of a room; a point where two converging lines meet. Once I viewed this as a potential site for my work, this location of two separate planes transformed my sensibilities. I began to envision the possibility of threedimensional, sculptural installations.”

The sculptures are created with a multitude of panels in a wide range of colours and are arranged in a delicate balance with no underlying armature or support, creating a cascading form that extends down and out from the corner of the room and onto the floor. The photographs can be viewed as a clashing of monochromatic paintings caught in a moment of creation or demolition.

The photographs are editioned in two sizes per image in an edition of 7.

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