Editioned Works


“Michael Batty’s formalist aesthetic comes through in his printmaking practice which often appear as minimalist, monochromatic objects that seem to speak of geometry and line. These paintings also explore a balance between control and chaos by introducing random elements to the tightly rendered surfaces. Leading to dry point etchings that are far from predictable, these elements are allowed to exist haphazardly leaving behind a dynamic, somewhat mysterious feeling.

Batty builds up a webbed network of intersecting lines by cutting into the surface of the copper plate, this creates thin ridge sand almost microscopic grooves. These incised lines catch and divert the ink that is hand wiped on to the plate, creating a random grounof pigment with a shifting depth of color. Light bounces off the fractured surfaces of the work and glinting shards of shapes wink out at the viewer, creating an unpredictable illusion of movement.”

On PaperExhibition 2015

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